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What is Pre-Planned and Preventative Maintenance?

Whilst many businesses across the UK rely on Pre-Planned Maintenance (also commonly referred to as Planned Preventative Maintenance) to ensure their drainage systems keep running smoothly, a lot of companies are still in the dark about what the service is and unclear as to why it is so important.

Planned Drain Maintenance
Out of sight, out of mind?

Most of the time the drainage system operating throughout your work premises is largely out of sight and out of mind. That’s at least until the moment that something goes wrong. And when things go wrong with drainage, it can often bring your drains (and the contents they carry!) very much to the fore.

If a drainage system has gone without inspection for some time, the point at which any damage or blockage in the system is identified can be long after the first instance of it occurring.

What typically starts as a small and easily fixed problem is left to grow into a more serious situation that can ultimately cause large amounts of damage to a commercial property.

Worst case scenario

At best, drainage problems are a nuisance. At worst, they can cause result in a business having to close due to the amount of damage and the extent of the repair work required.

Between the costs of closing your doors, even for just one day, the costs of repairing the drains, and the costs of replacing damaged office furniture, equipment and flooring, the price can be substantial.

Getting clear on PPM

Introducing Planned Preventative, or Pre-Planned, Maintenance – a drain care solution favoured by businesses large and small to mitigate the risks associated with damaged or blocked drainage systems.

When a company has a PPM schedule in place, they are far less likely to encounter the sort of nightmare scenario outlined above which is enough to make any business owner shudder at the thought of it happening.

The primary function of planned drain maintenance is to prevent major problems arising by detecting the first signs of them and taking early preventative action to set things right.

The cornerstone of PPM is the regular inspection of your drainage system. The more regularly the system is inspected, the earlier you we are going to spot any potential or arising issues.

What’s included in PPM?

A typical commercial drain maintenance schedule with be comprised of annual, bi-annual, or quarterly site visits during which we use our state-of-the-art CCTV camera survey technology to inspect your drainage system.

This technology allows us to see clearly deep within your drains and we can also provide you with the footage of the inspection which is captured on a digital recording.

Our survey reports detail everything you need to know including any recommendations for remedial works. When issues are detected, we get to work resolving them either during the site visit itself, or during a separate visit, if the repair work is more complex in nature.

Tailored to your business

Every PPM is completely tailored around the individual client and their business premises. During our initial survey we will assess your requirements and propose a suitable PPM plan and schedule designed to ensure you are suitably covered for:

  • Identifying potential issues in advance
  • Reducing the need for emergency drain services
  • Preventing interruption to your business
  • Keeping your workplace clean and hygienic
  • Minimising blockages, leaks, and drain damage
Speak with the experts

TWC Drain Care provides commercial Pre-Planned and Preventative Maintenance to businesses of all sizes throughout the North East, Yorkshire, and North Lincolnshire. Contact our team today to discuss your requirements and book an initial site survey.

After your first site survey has been completed, we will provide a detailed report, along with recommendations for any initial work required on your drainage systems, and a suitable PPM schedule to ensure the smooth running of your drains in the future.

We use the latest CCTV camera technology to carry out our surveys, and our engineers visit your site fully equipped to undertake jetting on any blockages that are identified immediately after the survey during the visit itself, offering our customers a timely and efficient service.

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