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Take Care of Your Drains this Autumn

As we move into Autumn, the weather can have a significant impact on our drains, but a few simple steps can help avoid any drain disasters!

Autumn Drain Care

With the change of the seasons comes a shift in the weather that is hard to miss - the days are shorter and there's a fresh, Autumn chill in the air!

And let's not forget more rainy days and the stronger Autumn winds... all of which can have a significant impact on our drains, and in the worst cases, start causing some real havoc.

A prime example of this is the Autumn leaves that will be falling from the trees into our gutters, and the heavier rain fall that can flood our drains... so if you were wondering, now is the time to be extra vigilant with looking after your drains and drainage system in and around your property!

One of the phrases you'll hear most often from the team at TWC is "prevention is better than the cure" and it is certainly better waiting around for an existing problem to worsen, which can create costly repairs.

Here are some simple, helpful tips to help you avoid any drain disasters and enjoy the more pleasant aspects of the change in weather that Autumn brings.

Watch out for falling leaves

In Autumn we see a lot of leaves falling from the trees. The leaves change from green to reds and oranges and various other beautiful colours, however they are not so beautiful when they block our drains!

This happens when falling leaves go soggy and clump together thus stopping water from draining away properly. Whilst initially it can seem like a minor problem, left untreated it can can cause localised flooding and create large pools of water.

Here are some tips to prevent this from happening:

1) Buy drain guards for outside - This will protect any leaves from gathering and falling into the drains, making it easier to clear them away before problems start to occur.

2) Rake up any leaves in the garden -
move leaves away from any areas with drains and dispose of them in your compost bin or garden waste. If you have a wet-dry vacuum that may be useful to hoover up any leaves. This will prevent them from settling in your drains and turning to a soggy mush.

3) Make sure you regularly clean your gutters -
this avoids any build up of leaves or sticks.

Make sure your pipes don't freeze

With the weather changing and getting colder, water inside your internal and external pipes may turn to ice causing it to expand.

This creates tiny fractures in the pipes and water will leak out of these new fractures and cracks. This can cause a costly repair if it happens so to prevent it be sure to follow these tips:

1) Heating -
Keep your heating on regularly to stop the pipes from freezing up.

2) Insulate -
Where possible, insulate internal pipes, particularly in areas exposed to more cold like your garage.

Avoid tricks and treats down your drains this Halloween!

It is very important not to put pumpkin pulp and seeds down the drain or toilet after carving your spooky Halloween pumpkin.

Doing so will create a sticky slime that can easily adhere to the inside of drain pipes rather than flushing away as you might expect it to. Pumpkin pulp will be much more suited to your food recycling waste!

And finally, be extra vigilant not to dispose of any sweet wrappers down your drains. This can cause blockages causing great problems for the future. Even grease based Halloween makeup can cause drain problems. Ensure to remove any face paint or  makeup with wipes or cotton pads and dispose of them into the waste.

By following these tips you're going to have a fantastic chance to enjoy your Halloween and Autumn season without any drain problems, but should disaster strike and you need professional help to unblock your drains, toilets, sinks or pipes, give our friendly team a call on
0330 058 2636 for fast and effective emergency drain care.

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