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Spooky Sewer Nightmares to Avoid this Halloween!

Pumpkin carving is a great tradition at this time of year, but beware! Whilst enjoying this activity you could be causing a real life nightmare this Halloween... a drain disaster!

Halloween Drain Care

With October in full swing, many people are picking pumpkins and dusting off their decorations in order to get ready to celebrate Halloween 2020. Here are out top tips to help you avoid any drainage horrors over this fun period!

Guts and slime down your drains?!

Tip number 1... avoid putting pumpkin pulp and seeds down the drain and/or toilet after you have finished your masterful carving.

Incorrect disposal of these leftovers can cause severe drainage issues as the pumpkin pulp and seeds will create a sticky slime adhering to your drain pipes. Over time the pulp can harden and cause numerous issues that could have easily be avoided by disposing of your rubbish more appropriately.

Where possible, try and ensure you and your children dispose of any pumpkin rubbish in the food recycling waste, it's the best place for it. Also, be careful before washing your hands that there isn't any pulp stuck to your hands that could potentially sneak into your drains without you even realising!

Unwanted creepy crawlies

Make sure that none of your creepy crawly decorations start moving this Halloween! If you start to notice that there are extra creepy crawlies around the house, your drainage system could be in need of some attention.

Bugs tend to gather around humid spaces, when your sewer system is breached, your home humidity increases. If you experience an influx of insects you may need the professionals to help you out.

Gurgling sounds

Gurgling sounds from your drains can be an early sign that there is a problem with them. When your plumbing system is blocked or damaged, backups can occur and your wastewater has nowhere to go but back up your drains.

If you hear any abnormal gurgling or see any visible water bubbling back into your bathtub when you flush your toilet etc, then you need to investigate this issue immediately to avoid potentially more serious problems further down the line.

Swampy grass

Is your lawn swampy and lusciously green but only in various patches? These luscious patches are not a blessing but could be a warning sign of horror that no one wants to encounter!

Your septic tank could be leaking, acting as a make-shift fertiliser for your lawn. This will eventually cause pooling waste-water and the smell will not be pleasant as the cracks get bigger and bigger. Any issues detcted with a septic tank or sewage treatment plant should be dealt with quickly as problems are often only become visible after being present for some time.

Wiping away your mask

Greased based Halloween makeup can dramatically affect your drains. Try and use a disposable wipe to remove any ghastly makeup off your face instead of washing it down your sinks, and then dispose of these wipes in the bin, not down the toilet.

Trick or treat?

We all love to eat our sweets after trick or treating. Have you ever wondered where all those pesky sweet wrappers go? Some may end up going down your drains and this will cause blockages, so try and make sure that all wrappers are placed in the rubbish bin and disposed of correctly to avoid any 'tricks' with your drains!

Whatever happens this Halloween, the 'blockage busters' at TWC Drain Care will be on hand to take your call if you need help clearing your drains, repairing any damage, or maintaining your septic tank. Our engineers operate an emergency response service throughout the North East, Yorkshire, and North Lincolnshire for homes and businesses of all sizes.

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