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Preventing Commercial Drain Blockages

Blockages are one of the most common causes of commercial drainage problems, but with the appropriate preventative drain maintenance and by following some drain care best practice in your business, costly and time consuming problems can often be avoided altogether.

Whilst a commercial drainage system is typically much larger, more complex, and more heavily used than a domestic drainage system, they are prone to the same issues with blockages being the most common.

Drain care best practice

One of the cheapest and most effective methods for maintaining your commercial drains is taking time to educate and inform employees and visitors about appropriate use of your drains.

Different industries will use their drains in different ways for purposes specific to their commercial operations. Employers should make sure everyone involved in activities that may impact the drainage system in some way know how to do so in a proper manner.

Alongside industry-specific best practice, following basic guidelines for more common uses of your workplace drains, such as flushing things down the toilet, should also be encouraged.

An effective way to do this is by using signage in relevant areas, such as around sinks and toilets, whilst also making appropriate provisions for the disposal of waste such as nappies, sanitary products and grease. This could include things like clinical waste bins and grease traps.

Blockages are often a result of items entering the drains that should be disposed of elsewhere resulting in a gradual build up of waste that can go completely unnoticed until it is too late and the extent of the blockage is causing an interruption to business operations, not to mention unpleasant smells and a dent on the company's reputation.

Drainage system survey

After making sure everyone in the workplace is suitably informed of appropriate use of the drainage system, and installing signage, waste bins and other necessary measures to encourage adherence to best practice, it's time to book a CCTV camera survey of the entire drainage system.

Camera surveys are the ideal way to map your drainage network, identify potential future issues, and also spot any immediate areas of concern that need resolving straight away.

TWC Drain Care use the latest camera survey equipment to see inside the drainage system and can provide you with a full recording of the inspection upon completion so you can see exactly what condition the drains are in.

Where serious issues are spotted, repair work can be carried out rapidly to resolve the problem, whilst early signs of potential future problems can be noted and dealt with as part of an ongoing preventative maintenance plan.

Preventative maintenance plans

Scheduled commercial drain maintenance is the next step in ensuring your drains continue to perform their intended function without interruption, and can save your company a lot of time and expense by tackling potential issues before they properly arise.

The first course of action as part of a preventative care plan is to deal with anything identified in your CCTV camera survey. Serious problems will be dealt with immediately, and may include cracked drain pipes, root damage, or blockages.

In the case of damaged pipes, TWC Drain Care use cutting edge drain repair technology that inserts a new lining into the drain without the need for excavation. This is a convenient, effective and comparatively low-cost method of repair that is very popular with businesses.

Where blockages have occurred, our high pressure jetting equipment is used to clear the build up and ensure the system continues to flow as it should.

Jetting is typically used continuously over the duration of drain maintenance plan to prevent any blockages from occurring again in the future. Where grease or debris is in the early stages of building up within a drain, regular jetting ensures it is cleared away on a frequent basis, thereby preventing it from developing into a serious issue.

Contact the team at TWC Drain Care today to learn more about our commercial drain care plans for businesses of all sizes around the Yorkshire, Lincolnshire and North East region - book an initial camera survey, request a quote for a maintenance plan or call for emergency response drain care if you have an urgent issue.

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