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Plan Your Drain Maintenance in 2019

If you’ve ever made a New Year’s resolution, you’ll know the hard part is keeping them! That’s never truer than when it comes to resolutions for your business. So why not make things easier in 2019 by ensuring your drains are one less thing you need to worry about?

What is planned maintenance?

If you were to spend a day in the life of a TWC Drain Care engineer you’d see how much of our work involves responding to drain emergencies and unforeseen disasters. You’d also discover that many of the call outs we attend could have been easily avoided with a bit of consideration and forward planning.

It has always been notoriously difficult to predict drainage problems because of the very nature of drainage and pipework, it’s often hidden or completely out of sight and generally gets forgotten about. Even when it’s not forgotten it can be inaccessible and hard to check on.

That’s where planned maintenance comes in. A planned maintenance schedule ensures your complete drainage system is checked on a regular basis. This gives you the opportunity to spot and tackle the onset of potential future problems before they become serious.

Who can benefit from planned maintenance?

Any type of business with physical premises that include a drainage system can benefit from pre-planned maintenance for their drains. Typically, the larger the premises are the higher the risk of drainage issues will be.

Large premises such as office blocks, shopping centres, factories and warehouses also run the risk of costly down time when drains aren’t properly maintained, and things are left until disaster strikes.

Serious drain blockages can be caused by roots, scale and structural defects just to name a few possible causes. In the worst cases these blockages can render facilities inoperable and cause large scale damage to the structural integrity of the building.

What does planned maintenance cover?

Planned drain maintenance schedules from TWC Drain Care are tailored to suit your business and consider factors like the size and age of your facilities, the work you carry out at the facility, the location of the facility and more.

We use the latest CCTV camera survey equipment to inspect your drainage system and where issues are found we will take the appropriate action to resolve the problem before it gets any worse, saving your business time, money and a lot of unnecessary hassle.

Our high-pressure jet washing equipment is an effective solution for most blockages and in the case of damaged pipes we can use the latest technology to repair damage internally without the need for excavating.

Contact a member of the TWC Drain Care team today to discuss a planned drain maintenance schedule.

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