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New Year’s Drain Resolutions!

You might have already taken some time to think about your New Year’s resolutions. Traditionally people choose to improve themselves, but this year why not make your New Year’s resolution to keep not just yourself healthy but also your drains!

Prevention is the best cure

By changing some of your habits you can stop all future problems occurring in your drainage system and pipework.

To help you kick off your year and get 2020 off to a great start, here are some helpful tips to start your clean drain journey in the best way possible.

What not to put down your drain

Grease and oils: By pouring grease and oils down your sink,the oils are likely to get mixed with the moisture from the pipes. This will create water resistant barriers which solidify and will build up over time.This can cause great issues and your drains will start to smell rather unpleasant.

Egg shells: The shells from eggs are very damaging to disposal blades. The membranes can get caught up around grinding apparatus causing them not to work properly. The shells can break into tiny bits and therefore can contribute to other current drain blockages making a small situation a lot worse than it had to be.

Coffee grounds: This is another common waste problem which people don't think about and automatically put down their sinks when washing up. Coffee is not completely water soluble therefore when the grounds mix with other waste such as grease, fats and oil the coffee will cling to these substances coating the pipes even more with waste.

Rice and pasta: When rice, pasta and noodles are exposed to water they will swell up as they absorb the water. If they happen to go down your sink, they can start to swell in your pipes. This will result in a blockage if they get caught in your drainage system and can contribute to wide reaching issues.

Flour: As you have probably noticed when you are cooking, when you mix flour with water or any other liquid it creates a thick gloopy substance. This is the same when dry flour goes down your sink. It will mix with the water creating a thick, gloopy substance like glue causing all sorts of problems in your pipes if it goes untreated.

Produce stickers: When you are washing up,adhesive stickers and plastic from packaging can sometimes go down the sink without you giving it a second thought. But beware, these seemingly innocent stickers and labels can in fact block filters and screens further down the line without you ever knowing about it, at least until it is too late.

Medication: Although there is no real harm to your drains, this can cause harm to animals and pollute the water which causes problems for humans too, within the wider ecosystem. So be aware of keeping your environment a safe place to live in as well as your home.


What you can do to help

To help avoid any of these things accidentally going down your drain, always use a protective plug hole strainer guard. That way the food and other substance that have been accidentally dropped can be easily thrown in the bin rather than going down the pipes. Also do not forget about your shower!

By purchasing a rubber drain guard you can stop hairs falling down the plug hole when bathing or showering. These can be found in household shops or online for a small cost - they can also save you a lot of money on future drain problems!

Still having issues with your drains or worried that there might be a problem forming within your drainage system? Call our professional team right away, whether it’s just for advice or maintenance we are happy to help. We have 24/7 emergency response engineers for homes and businesses ready and waiting to take your call,so do not put your drains at risk over the coming year.

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