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Maintain Your Drains for a Successful House Sale

Moving house doesn't always go to plan and in the worst cases can prove to be very costly, but a proactive approach will help you avoid some common mistakes.

The decision to move home is a big one. For most people, a house sales and the subsequent purchase of a new house are couple of the biggest and most important financial decisions they will make in their lifetime, not to mention the emotional aspect of moving home. According to Which? the average property sale price in the UK was around £234,000 in 2019. Based on typical fees and rates, the cost of selling a property of this value ranges between £5,000 and £8,000. According to a report produced by property portal Zoopla, it took an average of 50 days for a property to go 'under offer' in the UK in 2019. If all that weren't enough, you then have the costs of purchasing your new home which can cost anything from £1,000 to £6,000 upwards in fees and charges.

So it's understandable that most of us take time to prepare for a property sale! When preparing to sell, many people do things like:

  • Refresh the interior decor
  • Tidy up the garden
  • Make the outside of the house presentable
  • Create space by tidying away clutter

But it is equally important not to forget about the hidden, unseen areas around and beneath the property! By maintaining your home's drainage system and keeping things in good condition up to the point of sale, you could end up saving yourself a small fortune and a great deal of hassle too. Here are a couple of services we offer to help keep your drains healthy and help ensure a successful house sale over the months ahead.

CCTV Camera Surveys

Spotting any internal issues in your drains can prove to be very difficult. CCTV camera surveys are a great way of getting up close, spotting issues that may need repairing before a home buyers survey takes place. Our CCTV camera surveys use the very latest technology, enabling us to take a much closer look than ever before inside your drains, and see if there are any damaged areas or blockages, or even small faults that can cause a greater expense further down the line.

Once the CCTV drainage survey is completed, our experienced engineers are available to analyse the findings (you get to watch the recording yourself too if you like!) and interpret the video and images captured during the survey, which will allow them to diagnose any problems. They can then confidently quote for any advisable reparatory or preventative work, putting you at ease . Be one step ahead of the house surveyors and book your drainage CCTV survey today with our team of drainage engineers. Are surveys are available throughout the North East, all of Yorkshire, and North Lincolnshire.

Septic Tanks

If you have an old septic tank in your garden, this will need upgrading to meet new 2020 sewage regulation plans for England and Wales, otherwise it may threaten the sale of your house as it is highly likely to be flagged in the potential buyers reports and surveys. Your septic tank now needs to drain into a drainage field to meet the latest standards and not directly into a watercourse (such as a ditch, stream, canal or river). The reason for this change is largely because the quality of the waste water is deemed not to be clean and can cause pollution.

The new systems we install are referred to as sewage treatment plants. Our team can plan and implement every step to help you install, maintain or upgrade a system to meet the new regulations. Using the latest equipment and technology we can undertake all aspects of the work, from resolving minor issues through to tackling large emergencies such as blockages or serious damage. Using high pressure jetting combined with the above CCTV camera surveying we can keep septic tanks operating to a high and efficient standard.  

Here are a few useful inks to help you understand the new regulations and whether they may concern you and your property;




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