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Home Buyer CCTV Drain Surveys Explained

If you’re moving home and looking to purchase a new property, make sure a drain survey report forms part of your pre-purchase checks alongside your building survey and other similar due diligence.

Drainage is an extremely important part of any property, but despite this drain surveys are often overlooked by people when they are going through the motions of buying a new home. Ensuring your prospective property’s drainage system is professionally surveyed means any potentially serious issues can be negated before you complete your purchase. So, what exactly does a drain survey consist of and how does it help you spot any potential drainage problems? Let’s take a closer look.

CCTV Drain Survey
The Process

For most people the methods and techniques used to carry out a drain survey are a mystery which can create the impression that having a drain survey carried out is a big, complex undertaking. This simply isn’t the case thanks to the latest tools and approaches used by the TWC Drain Care team.

Arranging for a drain survey to be carried out is a simple job of calling the TWC Drain Care team. We will start by asking you some questions about the property that needs surveying and then we’ll arrange a convenient date and time for the survey to be carried out. A fixed price for the survey and report will also be confirmed prior to the visit being booked.

Latest Equipment

On the day of the survey our engineers will attend the property to undertake the survey using the latest CCTV camera technology. Using the latest equipment means we can undertake the survey as effectively and efficiently as possible, saving you both time and money, whilst also collecting as much information about the condition of the drainage system as possible.

Our waterproof cameras will provide a full recording of the interior of the drainage system, accessing areas that would otherwise be inaccessible due to being awkward and hard to reach. The camera will allow us to effectively identify any of a host of issues that might be present including roots, scale, leaks, collapses, blockages and issues with joints or poor installation.

The Report

Once the camera survey of your drains is completed, our engineers will provide you with feedback on the findings that have been uncovered. This can range from the all-clear if no issues are found, to recommended preventative action to negate future issues, to urgent issues that require immediate attention from the property owner.

Verbal feedback will be provided on the day of the inspection and the full survey is also recorded so that it can be provided as a digital file or DVD and re-watched as required. Any information required in writing can also be provided following the completion of the survey.

Where any works are required or recommended, further details along with quotations can be provided for use in the purchase of the property.

Find out more about our home buyer drain survey reports by calling the TWC Drain Care team today.

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