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Essential Winter Care for Your Gutters

As the seasons change so do the conditions your property's guttering system must endure and perform in to serve their function and keep your property dry and structurally sound. Check out our essential Winter care advice.

Winter time presents a number of conditions that are different to the rest of the year and can cause havoc for your guttering system. For gutters to work they must be completely clear of debris and foliage in order for water to move unimpeded into your drains at ground level. Professional gutter clearing is an effective way to ensure this is kept so, but there are also preventative measures you can take to minimise the need for professional services.

Carry Out Maintenance in Advance
Gutter Cleaning

The mistake most of us make when it comes to property maintenance is waiting until things go wrong! We should aim to be proactive rather than reactive and spot potential issues before they turn into major issues. At this time of year professional gutter cleaners are very busy, and there aren't many hours of daylight available to work in, so you want to avoid needing to call out a professional to fix an emergency if possible.

Resolving issues quickly goes hand in hand with this ideal proactive approach. If you spot anything that could potentially develop into a more serious issue later in time, the best option is to get it fixed right away, before it's an emergency. Don't let small problems escalate into big problems.

Test Your Gutter System

You can carry out a visual check of your gutter system when it's raining to make sure water is flowing freely through the downspouts. If access to your gutters is safe and convenient, you can also visually check for debris, leaves etc. that could be sat in the gutter causing a blockage.

Whilst carrying out a visual check you can test the structural integrity of the guttering by checking points where it is fitted to the building exterior and making sure things feel secure. Remember, the gutter could be required to take the strain of deep snow piled up in it over the Winter months.

Keep Exterior Premises Tidy

Anything around your property that can be picked up by the wind can also potentially end up in your gutter or wedge in a downspout. Blockages can result in water not passing through the gutter freely, ultimately causing problems that are harder to fix and cost more money.

Leaves are a prime suspect in this instance and should always be gathered up rather than left to blow around outside your property. Combined with wet weather, they can also become damp and become damp and invite unwanted pests onto your property making the job much bigger than just a tidy-up!

And remember, if you spot anything that looks untoward, have difficulty accessing any parts of your guttering or need emergency response, call a professional to carry out the work for you.

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