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Essential Commercial Drainage Services

Having a drainage emergency in your house is one thing – having a drainage emergency in or around a commercial property is another, especially if the premises are accessible to the public.

This month we are looking at the essential drainage services every business should be aware of, so you are prepared when disaster strikes. The chances are for most businesses that at some point it will!

Planned Maintenance vs. Fingers Crossed

Our experience has shown that when it comes to commercial drainage and drain maintenance businesses generally fall into one of two broad categories – proactive or reactive.

Proactive businesses take the time to consider the ways a problem with their drains could impact their business. When you put your mind to it, this list can get very long, very fast.

Here are some of the most common issues that could affect most businesses:

  • Toilet blockages putting them out of use
  • Foul odours caused by clogs in pipes
  • Failed gutters leading to leaks and damp
  • Long term damage from broken pipes
  • Rising or standing water around facilities

Ultimately these problems can all lead to downtime, costly repairs and in the worst cases permanent damage to premises.

Proactive business owners are fully aware of these risks and make full use of scheduled drain maintenance services to proactively deal with any drainage issues before they develop into emergencies or disasters.

The other category – the reactive businesses – are less well prepared and it’s these businesses that fall foul of the common drain problems listed above. Rather than put measures in place to avoid issues altogether, reactive business owners hope for the best, and then it’s all hands-on deck when the day comes that part of their drainage system lets them down.

Unfortunately for them, the resolution isn’t always quick, cheap or easy. In fact, when dealing with commercial property, it can be the exact opposite.

Drain Inspection & Survey

The benefits of a planned drain maintenance schedule are clear – over the long run they save businesses time, save them money, and keep things running smoothly by avoiding downtime as much as possible.

But how does a planned maintenance programme work?

At the heart of any drain maintenance schedule lies the very latest technology that allows a professional drainage engineer to thoroughly inspect your drainage system.

Here at TWC Drain Care we use the latest CCTV camera survey tools to look inside your drains and make a recording of everything we see. This can then be reviewed back at the office and a full survey written up that will include any preventative or reparatory actions to be taken.

Similar technology is also used for guttering, allowing our engineers to see inside your gutter system and check for any issues such as damage, leaks or blockages.

When Disaster Strikes – Emergency Response

Even with the most comprehensive maintenance programme in place, any business is at risk of facing a completely unexpected, unforeseen drainage emergency. This can come about from things like human error or extreme weather conditions.

Ensuring you have a professional drainage company on hand to offer 24/7 emergency response should be a top priority. It will pay dividends when the day comes that you need them and it’s essential to get your business back up and running at full speed as quickly as possible.

TWC Drain Care provide an emergency commercial drainage service for customers throughout the North East, the whole of Yorkshire and North Lincolnshire. Our emergency response engineers travel with everything they need to resolve some of the most challenging drainage issues.

Get in touch with us today to speak with a member of the team about a free site audit and find out exactly how you could benefit from planned maintenance.

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