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Ecoflo Coco Filter Sewage Treatment Plant

This is the most ecological solution available on the market today! It is natural, organic and exceptionally reliable... a truly revolutionary system.

Ecoflo Coco Filter Septic Tank

This is the most ecological solution available on the market today! It is natural, organic and exceptionally reliable.

The Ecoflo® Coco Filter is a revolutionary system incorporating a patented coconut husk fragment-based filtering media; a rehabilitated and natural organic material which treats the wastewater using no energy.

Where is it suitable for?

Designed for standard residential properties, small commercial buildings, and due to its ability to cope with periods of no use, is ideal for holiday homes and rental properties.

How it works
  1. Septic Tank: Collects all the domestic wastewater (except excess flow) and is ventilated in accordance with local building regulations. Equipped with an effluent filter that captures coarse matter and particles to protect the Ecoflo Coco filter.
  2. Ecoflo® Coco Filter: Uses gravity to collect pre-treated water, which is then spread out over the surface of the filtering media using a patented distribution system comprised of a feed ramp, a tipping bucket and distribution plates.
  3. Filtering media: The coco husk fragment based filtering media is where the water is organically treated, filtered and where pollutants are retained and degraded.
  4. Sampling chamber (or pumping station): Allows for the proper functioning of the system and/or to direct the treated effluent towards a drainage field /soakaway. The high outlet makes it possible to use a (optional) specific pumping station to evacuate and discharge the water.

Offered as a ready-to-use system, the filtering media and components are pre-assembled at the factory to ensure quality and facilitate installations.

The unit is lightweight and easy to handle, even in tight spaces. Ecoflo® Coco Filter can be installed in any soil type and for a population range between 4 and 20 PE.

The coco filtering media technology is designed for a prolonged life. Lasting up to 15 years depending on usage and in compliance with the operation and maintenance manual.

Why Choose the Ecoflo® Coco Filter
  • A Sustainable Treatment The Ecoflo Filter System incorporates a patented coconut husk fragment-based tertiary filtering media, a rehabilitated and natural organic material, it is odourless and requires no energy to treat wastewater.
  • A Permanent and Durable Solution Compared to conventional systems, no excavation or relocation of the unit at the end of the cycle of the filtering media is required. Internal components are accessible through the lid at all times.
  • Provides Reliability Under All Conditions Provides highly reliable and proven performances, regardless of variations in water quality and living habits of occupants (seasonal activities, flow intensity and non-flow periods.)
  • Pre-assembled, Compact & Easy to Handle Requires up to 3 times less space than conventional systems for optimal use at the property.
  • Low Costs Offered as a Ready-to-Use system, the unit can be installed quickly (taking between just ½ day and 2 days depending on ground conditions). Using zero energy for treatment, this system offers exceptional value for money.

Speak to a member of the TWC Drain Care team today about how you and your home could benefit from the
Ecoflo Coco Filter Sewage Treatment Plant or click the link to find out more.

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