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Drain Patch Repairs Explained

Patch repairs, also referred to as drain relining, are an increasingly popular and very effective way of repairing damaged drainpipes.

One of the main reasons this method of drain repair is so popular is that it can be carried out without any excavation. Without a requirement to dig, a patch repair can be undertaken with minimal disruption, in a short space of time and without great expense.

How does it work?

Using the latest non-dig technology, TWC Drain Care can install a new lining that adheres to the interior of the damaged drain without interrupting the free flow of the drain.

Once bonded to the drain, the new lining works to prevent further degradation and ensure the drain functions as it did prior to the damage occurring.

The method is suitable for use in a wide range of drain repair scenarios where small cracks or breaks have occurred in a drainpipe. The high success rate of patch repairs means that the repair method is approved by local authorities, civil engineers and building surveyors alike.

Take a closer look

Alongside the latest drain repair technology, TWC also utilises the latest camera survey equipment. CCTV drain surveys are carried out ahead of any patch repair work to determine the location and extent of any damage.

Using the high-quality real-time footage captured by our cameras, we can then assess the suitability of a patch repair. Where a patch repair is then installed, our CCTV equipment is used once more to ensure a successful application.

Take a look at the before and after pictures below to see the how a drain first looked after damaged had occurred, and how it looked once the patch repair had been carried out!

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