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Don't Let Your Dream Home Become a Nightmare!

Imagine that you have completed on your dream home, everything on the surface looks fantastic then a few days after moving in disaster strikes.

Homebuyer Drain Survey
Avoid disaster with a homebuyer drain survey

Imagine that you have completed on your dream home, everything on the surface looks fantastic then a few days after moving in disaster strikes. A problem with your drains that was out of sight has been causing increasing damage to the property resulting in costly repairs, large amounts of stress, and your dream turning into a nightmare.

Keep the dream alive with a home buyer survey

Purchasing a new home is often one of the largest financial risks the average person will make. When you are investing large amounts of money into a property, it would be beneficial to find out as much as you can about it.

A general house survey is compulsory for any property purchase, as mortgage providers and insurers require a full report before they get involved with the property. In the homebuyer report, it will flag up general problems in the interior and exterior of the house and how serious they could potentially be.

Many people do not however consider what is going on beneath the house, as this is not included in a general house survey and is obviously out of sight and therefore out of mind.

General surveyors do not have the equipment, expertise, and knowledge to be able to inspect your drains and this is where a company like TWC Drain Care we can help with a home buyer drain survey.

What can a drain survey provide?

We always recommend a home buyer drainage survey as a follow up to a homebuyers' general house survey. Our state-of-the-art CCTV cameras can help to uncover a wide range of problems which are common within drains and pipes, such as:

  • Blockages and sewage build ups
  • Tree roots damaging the piping system
  • Collapsed pipe networks
  • Cracked, leaky, or crumbling pipes

By finding out what lies beneath your property, identifying issues could potentially save you thousands of pounds in repairs.

By leaving problems unnoticed and unfixed they can start to deteriorate and create larger issues resulting in a larger cost to fix. Not only will we inspect the damage underground, but we can also inspect manholes, down pipes, and overflow pipes above ground.

Our team can spot areas of subsidence that can be caused by drainage issues and this is something that a standard homebuyers survey would not spot.

Use the survey to negotiate when buying a property

A drainage survey that finds problems can be used as an amazing negotiating tool when buying a property. You will have the CCTV video, images, and reports as evidence if problems are found.

The seller will either repair the issues or perhaps offer you a reduction in the sale price. Sometimes these problems can be covered through the sellers’ home insurance, giving you a peace of mind that it is all in working order for when you exchange contracts.

If, however, the seller refuses to budge on price or resolve the problems, you can pull out with the reassurance that you won’t be walking into some potentially expensive problems in a few months’ time.

You will also gain the knowledge in finding out which drains you are legally responsible for and which belong to the water authority. If the problem is not your responsibility it can be fixed by the local authority free of charge.

How to book your homebuyer drain survey

With TWC, it’s as easy as 1-2-3!

Step 1: Call our friendly team on 0333 305 2243.

Step 2: Arrange a suitable time for the inspection.

Step 3: Our team will carry out the inspection and provide you with your survey findings.

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