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Are Liquid Drain Cleaners Damaging Your Drains?

At some point in time we’re all likely to have used a liquid drain cleaner to clear a blockage in a drain or pipe, but are they doing more harm than good?

At some point in time we’re all likely to have used a liquid drain cleaner to clear a blockage in a drain or pipe. There are lots of popular and well-known brands available in every supermarket up and down the country, which makes liquid drain cleaners a popular choice. But they could be doing your drains more harm than good. If you’ve read the labelling on any of these products, you’ll have seen various symbols donating the strong and dangerous household chemicals contained within which could be having a negative impact on your drainage.

The next time you’re considering using a liquid cleaner, keep these points in mind:

1. Major clogs and drainage issues should not be tackled with caustic cleaners. Remember, these are strong and dangerous chemicals that you do not want to get trapped in your pipes. Liquid drain cleaners should only ever be considered for minor clogs.  

2. In cases where caustic cleaners are trapped in pipes in the way described above, there is then a risk of the cleaner mixing with other chemicals. The worst-case scenario is two or more chemicals mixing and causing a chemical eruption which can be extremely dangerous and cause serious injuries. If there are any doubts about what chemicals could already be in your drainage, call the professionals.

3. If the issues you’re experiencing with your pipes or drains persists or keeps recurring, it’s an indication that there is a more serious underlying problem that needs to be resolved. A liquid cleaner won’t be the solution, so don’t keep pouring chemicals (and your money) down the drain.

4. There are environmental concerns surrounding the use of liquid drain cleaners and debate around where the chemicals ultimately end up in our water systems. Using a small amount of liquid cleaner to shift a minor clog isn’t likely to cause any serious harm. However, if you are concerned with our environment, you might want to stick to more traditional methods first like hot water, baking soda and vinegar. If that doesn’t do the trick, give TWC Drain Care a call and we’ll be on hand to help.

5. It’s difficult to know exactly what is going on with your drains and pipes without being able to see them. There have been cases of large amounts of drain liquid drain cleaner being used in damaged drains that have ultimately succumb to the powerful chemicals, resulting in leaks that aren’t even visible. By the time a homeowner discovers this sort of damage, a substantial bill is already racking up.

Professional drainage services from TWC Drain Care offer a safe, effective and fully insured method of clearing blocked drains and pipes. We use the latest CCTV camera survey technology to not remove the blockage but also uncover any underlying issues that need to be fixed.

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